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All memberships applications require sponsorship from one of the Regular Director Members. Membership applications are subject to review and approval by the Executive Committee. 

For a current list of Members, please click here.

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To make changes to your current membership, please email us at


Regular members of CCDEH are limited to the 62 California Registered Environmental Health Specialists who are in direct charge of the Environmental Health program of each local political subdivision of the state. Each of these jurisdictions has been designated the local enforcement agency for various environmental health programs.
Retired Director Membership Application


Associate members represent a host of program managers and supervisors who represent the needs of various local Environmental Health service-delivery organizations in California. Associate membership has also been extended to the current President/Chair of the California Environmental Health Association (CEHA) and the CalCUPA Forum Board in the event that the office holder(s) is not already a CCDEH Member or Associate Member, and directors of environmental health programs outside of California. Associate members play a significant role in statewide policy development and implementation through their membership on appropriate CCDEH policy committees.

This category allows a program manager who is not a director, and a director of Environmental Health outside California, to participate in many of the activities of CCDEH, including the Annual Conference, Regional meetings, and CCDEH communications and publications. Members play a role in statewide policy development by having the ability to be voting members of CCDEH policy committees. Associate members have access to a network of executive level managers of Environmental Health throughout California. 

 Associate Membership Application


A retired/former director of CCDEH is a retired employee of a local environmental health program and may participate in electronic forums and attend the annual conference, provided they remain in good standing. Currently there is NO FEE for this membership.


The Consultant/Organization category is limited to a representative of a business that serves CCDEH, its members, or a local, state, tribal or federal agency or organization in the field of environmental health. They are broken down between "non-profit" such as government agencies, academia, or non-profit organizations in the field of environmental health. "For-Profit" companies that serve CCDEH may also apply for this membership at the fee specified below.
     - CONSULTANT/ORGANIZATION - NON-PROFIT = MEMBERSHIP FEE: Click on the Membership Application Link below for the current fee
     - CONSULTANT/ORGANIZATION - FOR-PROFIT = MEMBERSHIP FEE: Click on the Membership Application Link below for the current fee

To see if you are eligible OR if you want more information, please send an email to

You may also download our membership application here: 

Consultant/Organization Membership Application